Moab Bomb In Afghanistan

Recently US military using MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan! to strike isis!  as result ISIS camp are heavily destroy! and president USA, Donald Trump said, he really proud to his military! because for using MOAB it also send messages to kim jong un as warning if they really want to attack US land, they will give North Korea MOAB Bomb!

MOAB stand for Massive Ordnance Air Blast! and have nick name as Mother of All bomb! Range of destruction are about 300 meter! but it can spread to all over area! MOAB cost about 16 million USD, at this moment US only have 20, and already spend about 300 million USD!

Recently USA having threat from North Korea, that saying they will use nuclear bomb to nuke US! as result, donald trump are really mad if KIM Jong UN really strik US island! because if North Korea really strike US, it can be hard for Donald to send back Nuclear bomb, the reason simply because there allies in ther, South Korea, and also China are near Korea, so it would be a big problems if US launching Nuclear bomb in there! so the most logical reason is to send threat, that we will not use nuclear, instead we will use MOAB, that almost have same power like nuclear bomb, and without radioactive effect! so it could work, for North korea and make them quite for a while!


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